This EVP was caught by NF Paranormal member Carly. The house was located in Newfane NY and was built in 1864. The claims were a little girl was seen in the house and the feeling of someone getting into the bed at night while the wife was home alone. This EVP is named "Annabelle"

Our good friend Amy K caught this EVP while we were investigating the old Niagara Falls High School. They wanted us to investigate for a Halloween event that they had coming up. It just re-opened as the "NACC" and we have the whole building to ourselves! Amy K caught this underneath the steps of the building where the story goes that kids use to get abuse under the steps. You can clearly hear a child say "Kathy remember me?" Kathy runs the NACC. Very interesting night and EVP!

These two EVP's came from a home in Lewiston NY. Jefe and I were in the masterbed room walk in closet because there where claims of things getting moved in there. While we were in there we caught these EVPS' the first one is saying "Turn the light off" and the second says "I'm under the closet" we have no idea what that even means!

This EVP was caught years ago while we were investigating the Riviera Theatre. The story goes that a girl was abused up the in the balcony while another was killed on stage when a sandbag fell on her while on stage. This EVP sounds like a girl saying "He raped me" or "he Finds me" it was caught up on the balcony.

These next EVP's all came from a house case in Niagara Falls NY. The home owner bought his childhood home and was thinking that his father was there with him still. The night that we did the investigation he was down at his camp site and his sister let us on the house to investigate. These EVP's sound so much like the home owner we really do think that his father came through night! With him not being in the house and hearing someone that sounds like him made for a pretty interesting night! Two of the EVP's say "That's funny" the third you can hear a "Yeah".

This next EVP was caught by Carly at the Dubouis funeral home. Our good friend Michelle Kratts was on the investigation that night with us. During that time she was writing about Henry Hardwicke one of the first spiritualist in the Niagara Fall NY area. There is a link about Henry Hardwicke on our homepage. After the investigation Carly had gone home and uploaded the audio. She notice that while playing this clip forward it sounded like something was saying something underneath it. So she played it backwards and what was caught was a very clear EVP of a male saying "Henry Hardwicke is here" We think that Henry was there hanging out with our friend Michelle! The first clip is the forward normal audio clip the second is the backwards clip where the EVP came from!

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