Saturday, April 14, 2018

On Friday April 13th Art Bell passed away in his home located in Pahrump,Nevada. Art Bell has been the influence to many paranormal groups around the world and grab the interest of the unknown and made it easy to talk about. For me Art brought a voice to all the paranormal books that I bought as a kid and as a teenager. Up in till the time that I heard his show, all I had were words on pages,but hearing him and his callers talk about real life hunting's or U.F.O sightings help me understand the paranormal better by hearing fear or interest in the callers voice. The first show that I heard (When I could pick it up I had to try to get the Toronto station 610 am to hear him we didn't have a station here yet) was about U.F.O's. It was over spring break and it was warm and I had my window open that night , I was pretty freaked out hearing the story and thought U.F.O's were flying over right then! E.V.P shows I would always wake up in the middle of the night to hear the voices of those who passed over just as I was waking up to get a drink freaking me out! All in all he for sure help me become the investigator that I became and is how I teach my group. From Malachi Martin to Loyd Auerbach to the G.I.S E.V.P team they all played and a part and it was all because of Art Bell. So long Art enjoy that ride.

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